What size is best?

What Size Is Best

All our labels are die cut with rounded corners (except .5mm aluminium), weeded and supplied on rolls ready to apply.
Choosing your label size is all about how many lines you would like to use on your label. 

The following are our recommendations.

1 – 2 lines of text is suitable for 36mm x 16mm size
(not suitable for logos)

2 – 3 lines of text is suitable for 38mm x 20mm size
(OR YOUR LOGO with 1 – 2 lines of text)

3 – 4 lines of text is suitable for 50mm x 25mm size
(OR YOUR LOGO with 2 – 3 lines of text)

We can also make your barcode and numbers larger at your request.
We will contact you if the length of text is unsuitable for the label size selected.